Why Adopt From Camp Papillon?

All of Camp Papillon's animals come fully vetted and spayed/neutered.
This includes rabies shot, heart worm/lymes tested & preventative, distemper shots, flea and tick preventative (warm months only), and tested for FELV/FIV.

The Importance of Adoption & Spay/Neutering
There are many sound medical Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pets too!

Only 1 in 10 puppies born in this country ever finds a home; only 1 in 12 kittens. Over 800 companion animals are euthanized every hour, of every day - in the thousands of shelters across our great nation. By adopting & spay/neoutering you save lives. It helps make our jobs easier and provides many medical benefits such as prevent of testicular cancer and helps with some behaviorial issues.

Full Details: Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pet

If you are looking for low cost spay & neutering information please click here
Adoption Donation Guide
Our animals come fully vetted so please keep this in mind when adopting animals from a shelter or rescue.

Example of Medical Costs for Dogs and Cats

If you were to adopt a dog that was not fully vetted:

Spay/Neuter $325-$450
FIV/FeLV Testing $40
Heartworm/Lyme Testing $40
Rabies $25
Distemper $20
Office Visit $25-$40
Heart worm Preventative $15 per month
Flea/tick Preventative $15 month
Deworming $20-$50 each

Our cost listed above does not include special medical costs that Camp Papillon pays fully out of pocket. Some animals come to Camp Papillon need special medical care. Camp Papillon never asks for that cost from you when you adopt one of our animals. Some of these medical care include: broken leg surgery from dog hit by car: $800, Diabetes Insulin and blood sugar work $400, heart worm care, and even antibiotics . Camp Papillon holds many fund raisers to raise money to cover these costs.
Camp Papillon Adoption Process & Policy

The goal of Camp Papillon is to place our companion animals in lifetime, loving homes. Every home and every companion animal has it 's own unique personality and requirements. We place our animals in the supportive and loving environment of home foster care. While there, we gain knowledge about their personality, training skills, likes and dislikes.

To assist us with matching the correct companion animal with the most appropriate and compatible home,please email us the answers to the below questions and any other information you think would be helpful. The emailed information may be followed-up by a Camp Papillon Adoption Coordinator, with a phone interview and then a home check.

Adoption contract and post adoption follow-up checks are required as a condition of adoption. Some companion animals get multiple applicants or are not appropriate matches, so not all adoptions will be approved. Not all applicants will receive a yes or no response due to limited staff. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption without justification.

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