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Meet Diamond!

Diamond is a 4 year old female mix-breed terrier. She is 57lbs. Diamond would love to get out of the shelter. Diamond feels she has been failed by humans and now requires you to meet her multiple times and take the time to get to know her. She feels she should be the only pet in your home. She has earned that privilege. Diamond loves to run and play and requires a high fence to keep her from chasing wildlife. Diamond loves to work and learn new skills. Diamond says; “I am the prettiest princess at Camp, but I would love someone to get to know me on the inside as this is where I truly shine.”


Meet Joan Jett!

JJ is a 2 year, 4 month old female Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier. She is 30lbs. JJ is full of energy but timid. She is very sweet but needs to trust you. JJ loves a calm environment but can adapt. She loves other dogs. She has a sweet smile that will win your heart. Time with her taking walks around the lake will be time well spent to want to give her a forever home. She needs a high fence or invisible fence as she loves to chase wildlife. JJ says; “I am most affectionate and once we bond, we will never separate.”


Meet Lucy!

Lucy Loo is a 6 year old female mix-breed terrier. Lucy is a firecracker full of personality. She knows she is beautiful and will use her eyes to get you to pay attention to her. You can’t help but fall in love. Lucy truly enjoys a frolic in the water. The water is her happy place followed by joy rides in the car but don’t worry, she won’t take the wheel but loves to feel the breeze in her hair. Lucy also loves to have a job whether it's obedience training, dog sports, long walks or fetch, she is ready to go. Lucy loves to be the center of attention therefore no other pets or kids for her. Because she loves to run, she may chase wildlife. She is asking for a six foot fence as a requirement to keep her safe. Lucy loves one on one time with you. She is a great listener. She wants to hear everything you need to let go of. If you want to meet Lucy, she asks for you to come several times and take a walk with her so she can learn to trust you. Life has not been the kindest to her. Lucy says; “There is no better swimmer, joyrider, and listener than me. Once we bond, I will never want to leave your side but will wait patiently at home for you to arrive, our bond is unbreakable.”


Meet Tank!

Tank is a 5 ½ year old male mix-breed terrier. He is 50lbs.Tank is drawn to families as he loves people. He loves to fetch and gets very excited by earning a treat for good behavior. He loves to go for walks. He is strong by nature but has the most gentle heart. His energy level will keep you active with him however, he is ready to settle down next to you at the end of the day. Tank Says; “I am strong but gentle, every adventure with me will be fun and rewarding to you and me.”


Meet Benny!

FOSTER ONLY. Benny is a 3 year old male tricolor Shepherd. He is 47lbs. Benny can be fostered, and hopefully adopted by you. Benny loves people and his affection is overwhelmingly wonderful. Benny is a great listener. Benny loves the water. He will swim, frolic and play. Benny can be fearful because humans have failed him. So, he has requested slow and multiple introductions.  He is initially scared, but once he bonds, he is yours. Benny deserves nothing short of the best.   Benny says; “I have courage and loyalty and want the opportunity to shine these traits again with a person who thinks I’m worth it. I’m beautiful on the outside as Shepard’s are, but now I need you to see my beauty on the inside too, pick me!”


Meet Dusty!

FOSTER ONLY. Dusty is a 3 year old male Labrador Retriever. He is 42 lbs. Dusty is called “the super bonder”, he loves his person and is very affectionate. He is also the “honor student at Camp”. Dusty loves to train and learn new skills. He will make you feel like you are the dog whisperer, he learns that easily.  His intelligence will blow you away. Dusty also likes to balance his genius qualities by goofing off by playing with toys, going for a swim and playing fetch. Dusty would love it if you had a high fence so he can run and exercise. Dusty is not patient with dogs or cats who are not equal to his IQ so he needs to be your only pet. Dusty says; “I’m smarter than your honor student. Walking, swimming, working or snuggling…I’m in! I would love to learn from you and be your number ONE.”


Meet Shayna!

Shayna is a 3 year old female Labrador Retriever. She is 90 lbs. Shayna is one of a kind. Shayna is super affectionate. She is so goofy, as a lab should be. She pleases very easily, she wants to listen and her owner becomes her world. You will never meet another dog like Shayna. Shayna loves structure, routine is her best friend besides you. She struggles with change but her beautiful eyes say, all she wants is a routine in a home with people to love her. She is such a good girl. She is so special that you get to meet her three times at Camp and she will be escorted to your home three times to visit with you before she is delivered to her forever home.  Once bonded Shayna settles nicely, and loves to spend one on one time with her people. Shayna says; “My eyes tell a story if you are willing to listen. Taking the time to understand me and our lives together will be a rewarding adventure each and every day. I’m worth the effort, I promise.”


Meet Spike!

Spike aka Spikey is a 5 year old male mix-breed terrier. He is 57lbs. Spike is extremely affectionate once he is bonded to you. He is best friends with Honey who is also available. Although Spike has a stereotypical “tough name”, he is very low key and easy going. He will go where you go and do what you do, He is most like a loyal friend that is excited to start the day and end the day with you as well as enjoy all the activities in-between. He is a goof-ball and he will make you laugh. Spike asks that you have a 6-foot fence. He wants to bond and stay with you but also has a desire to chase wildlife. He will need you to deter him from this sport. Spike also would like to be your only pet and does not enjoy the company of kids unless they are over 16. If you want to meet Spike, he would prefer for you to hang out at Camp and walk with him several times before you take him home. He wants this home to be his forever home and wants to be certain you are the one for him. Spike says; “I am a chillin kind of dog. We can do something or nothing as long as I can hang with you.”


Meet Lucky!

Lucky is a 5 year old mix-breed terrier. He is 50 lbs. Lucky has not been so lucky. He has been in the shelter for over a year. Lucky is the most handsome pup at Camp. He knows it too. He is super affectionate and once he bonds, he is forever loyal. Lucky is easy to please. He loves to go for walks and happy to lay by your side. Lucky would prefer you to spend time with him on multiple days before he goes to his forever home . He would love to walk you around the lake and feed him treats. He will show you how gentle he can be. He would prefer a fence so he doesn't give in to his desire to chase wildlife. He thanks you in advance. Lucky says; "I am hoping my luck changes and I can find my forever home to run and play and rest my head. I'm yours if you will take the time to get to know me." 


Meet Precious!

Precious is a 50 pound, 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. She loves her people, shaking her wiggly butt, exercising, swimming and cuddling. She ALWAYS smiles and approaches any task and activity enthusiastically! Precious would love a large, fenced yard so she can zoom around and play with her jolly balls. She enjoys cuddling on the couch during movie time and getting belly rubs. An active, loving family who does not mind having a one pet home would be perfect for this big eared beauty! Precious says, "I am as adorable as I look. I sure hope my FURever family agrees!" 

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