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Camp Papillon was founded 2006, in Monroe County, PA also commonly known as the Pocono Mountains by our community to help better serve the animals. We especially noticed an urgent call to help for bully breeds, as the resources for them in the area was very limited.

Camp Papillon operated as a foster based network for 9 years saving thousands with the support of our community. Camp Papillon has always been committed to both the emotional as well as the physical well-being of the pets until they are adopted into their family home. While the pets are in our care we provided all necessary medical care, food, toys and treats, shelter, rehabilitation, and as much training as possible. We still utilize the foster care home program with our special needs & hospice care animals.

In 2009 upon the Monroe County SPCA closing Camp Papillon assisted with fast acting members of the community and other local organizations with the emergency rescue of over 15 dogs & 3 cats that day or to risk being euthanized. After that day we worked with community leaders, Pennsylvania SPCA, businesses and the community to establish a new shelter group in the empty SPCA building that was left while still independently working towards our mission that was different from a normal shelter environment. Our dream is a shelter that can accommodate the long term care needs of some of our harder adoptable cases because we are a no-kill organization. In addition, we knew we needed more space to accommodate more animals then the existing 16 kennels and limited land space to expand. For that reason, Camp Papillon passed on moving forward to peruse operating at the former Monroe County SPCA building. The need was too great.

Camp Papillon's never gave up. The dream came true in 2015 when we obtained a stunning and peaceful 33-acre property formerly known as Camp Brainerd, a closed church summer camp that served the Pocono Mountains for years. The property consists of 9 camp buildings, 2 large fish ponds with a dock, and a large pavilion creek side. The new home of Camp Papillon was converted to better serve the animal needs. Summer cottages transformed into 4 kennel buildings, camp bunk beds were converted for hang outs in our free roaming cat cottage. The 4 bath houses were converted to our sanctuary area dedicated to longer term campers that require special care and training. Creek-side dog walking trails were created. Camp animals are truly blessed during their stay.

Not only was the environment that the animals lived while at camp important to us but equally important is the enrichment of the animals at camp. We have an established enrichment program with an experienced enrichment trainer to keep the animals emotionally happy through social play groups, chairs in our kennels and cat cottage, music playing throughout the buildings, natural calming scents, multiple long daily walks, long lead runs in our large fields & summertime swimming in our creek and pond, doggy kiddie pools, cat cottage play rooms with wall climbing and cat walks.

Because of our strong will to keep the animals relaxed and stress-free visitors are not allowed in the kennels. We ask that anyone wishing to adopt first complete an adoption application before visiting.  Our adoption application team will contact you if approved to setup a time to come to camp.  A meet & greet will also be setup if you have other animals at home to ensure a good adoption match.

The dream doesn't stop there. Our mission is more than just the animals, it’s also a human element. the goal is to provide temporary housing for veterans pairing them with an animal and women's resources for women in abused situations are unable to leave because they have an animal.  The goal is to replace our very outdated and crumbling buildings with a new shelter building on property with the ability to double our animal intake to save more lives. 

Camp Papillon believes that with your help our organization is on its way to becoming one of the best in the area. Camp Papillon is often asked to assist with harder to adopt cases from other shelters because of its experience of working with more difficult cases leading to adoption.  That means more animals saved, rehabilitated, and alive. But we need your help.  Please consider a donation.  We receive no funding local, state or federal.  we count on your donation to stay open & save lives.

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