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Why Adopt?

Only 1 in 10 puppies born in this country ever finds a home; only 1 in 12 kittens. Over 800 companion animals are euthanized every hour, of every day - in the thousands of shelters across our great nation. By adopting & spay/neutering you save lives. It helps make our jobs easier and provides many medical benefits such as prevent of testicular cancer and helps with some behavioral issues.

Camp Papillon Adoption Process & Policy

The goal of Camp Papillon is to place our companion animals in loving and furever homes. Every home and every companion animal has it 's own unique personality and requirements. While our companion animals wait for their furever home to come adopt them, we gain knowledge about their personality, training skills, likes and dislikes. To assist us with matching the correct companion animal with the most appropriate and compatible home, please complete our adoption application


Once your application is received, a Camp Papillon Adoption Team Member will contact you after reviewing the application. An adoption contract and post adoption follow-up checks are required as a condition of the adoption. Some companion animals get multiple applicants or are not appropriate matches based on the application answers and interview, therefore not all adoptions will be approved for the pet that you have chosen. Please be patient as we have limited staff. Some applicants will take longer based on how fast our processors can get a response from your references and how fast you can respond to the the requirements that will be sent to you after applying. We do reserve the right to refuse any adoption without justification.

Adoptable Pets

Adoption Appication Buttons

Adoption or Foster Application

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