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What is Camp Papillon?
Monroe County's Largest Animal Shelter


The purpose of Camp Papillon Animal Shelter, a non-profit animal welfare organization, is dedication to the prevention of cruelty and suffering of all animals. Camp Papillion will strive to end cruelty to animals in any form, including the suffering and killing of homeless, unwanted, neglected and/or abused companion animals. Camp Papillon will work tirelessly and with compassion to provide safe haven to all animals in our care, and when ready, placing unwanted animals in permanent and responsible homes.

Camp Papillon will now help Monroe County, PA as a licensed kennel for stray dogs. Camp Papillon will also take an active role in sponsoring organization volunteers willing to be formally trained, licensed and court appointed as Humane Officers, able to investigate and help prosecute cases of animal cruelty and abuse, as per PA Crimes Code: Section 5511. The organization has now established and will operate an animal shelter and rescue service functioning in the area of Monroe County and surrounding borders.

For cats contact Blue Mountain Animal Rescue (570) 249-7890

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